• Wow. The experience was incredible. Best night's rest I've had in awhile. I can't wait until the live show in Berlin!,
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As a 2015 Gabr Fellow, I will travel for six-weeks around Egypt and the US, including residencies in Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria.

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After half a lifetime, I’ve taken the next step in my journey with the Rotary family.

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Current Location: Austin, Texas

Recent Adventures

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

There are events in my life that I often reflect on for being the pivotal moments when the trajectory of my life changed. Great moments like my Rotary Youth Exchange year and not so great moments like appendicitis in Kyrgyzstan have led me to who I am today. I am glad...

I’m A Rotarian!

I’ve hit a great milestone in my life today: I am a Rotarian! I’ve been part of the Rotary Family since I was in high school, and anyone who knows me, knows that this is a very significant moment for me. The club I joined is the Rotary Club of Austin in...


After spending 5-months in India building out a new facility for Mutual Mobile, I get to take a few weeks of vacation! I am returning to Germany for the first time since my high school Rotary Youth Exchange year in Oldenburg and am very excited to reconnect with old...

Travel Advice to India

I have seen so much of India at this point that I feel like I can give you some good advice and connect you with folks in each area of the country. In the event that you visit India, I think the below read will be very helpful. Please, add your comments below! For...

Mutual Mobile – Hyderabad

It’s no secret that I’ve spent some time in India, but I am frequently asked, “why were you there?” I know that I am better at documenting my weekends and time off, but I don’t just travel the world for fun, I do have a job to get done!...


This weekend I accompanied my colleague and dear friend, Abin, with his family, to the Satsang Vihar – Hyderabad. This ashram is home to a large Satsang temple. Satsang is an Indian philosophy, which ​teaches a process of ​spiritual meditation​,​ which...


In the heart of Rajasthan is a small town called Pushkar. To get to Pushkar, we took a train from Jaipur to Ajmer, then walked two miles to a taxi stand where we hired a car to take us the rest of the way, about a 30 minute drive. Pushkar is one of the most...


My first train ride in India led me to Ajmer, a small town in the heart of Rajasthan. A German friend of mine, Tobi, who is also staying at my hotel in Hyderabad, joined on this weekend adventure which also covered Jaipur and Pushkar. Ajmer is a small town of only...


The Pink City is called as such because all the buildings here are painted a reddish pinkish color to imitate the red sandstone architecture of Mughal cities, from which Jaipur is fashioned. Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan, and it is the place that I had...

After a career in the music and live events industry where I traveled the United States with the biggest names in music entertainment, I decided to get back to my roots and dedicate myself to serving humanity.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kyrgyz Republic, I spent two years working with media outlets and journalists. My primary project involved the utilization of mobile technology with journalists living in rural areas so that they could have a wider voice and better access to information. Their stories are available at kyrgyzmedia.com.

Now living in Austin TX, I continue to support the next generation of journalists as the Executive Director of the Kloop Media Foundation, which supports the Kyrgyz NGO, Kloop Media and their journalism school in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I am also a part of the Operations Team at Mutual Mobile.

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