I talk about how I have had an adventerous life.

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Judson L Moore

I travel the world in search for a greater understanding of who we are, who I am and in search of beauty on this rock we call Earth. I’ve been fortunate to experience many places and cultures. I do my best to jot down my thoughts here.

Travel Advice To Rajasthan India

Rajasthan India is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. This dusty desert plane is a throwback to a more magical time when sultans ruled and where the unbelievable power of mystics can still be felt today. Related Post: India Travel Advice In Under... read more

19 Amazing International Fellowship Programs

International fellowship programs are an excellent way to see the world, learn valuable lessons and get someone else to pay for it all. Many fellowships are tied to current degree-seeking students and researchers, therefore, you might reasonably assume that when you... read more

Tips For Negotiating Travel At Your Job

For many, the dream job often comes with at least a little bit of travel. Truth is, traveling for work is not a vacation. When someone else is floating the bill and watching the bottom line, they tend to care a lot more for the ROI than they do for your experience.... read more

Relationships: A Nomad’s Philosophy

For many years, I have had a philosophy regarding the quality of relationships. I have shared it with many people along my journey but I have never written about it. Recent events in my life make this philosophy seem increasingly relevant and so I would like to go... read more

Living Without A Car in America

After living abroad for a few years, I found myself coming home to America for a new job. I was headed to Texas, home of big trucks and vast expanses between places. I thought to myself that the first order of business would be to purchase a new vehicle, seeing as how... read more

The Secret To All My Success

Throughout my life I’ve been asked many times about my success. “How do you get to travel so much?” “How are you able to convince others to pay for your travel?” “How are you so lucky?” How.. How.. How. The answer to all of... read more

20 Essential Travel Apps

Google Maps There are many maps apps out there, but none have the global reach or data of Google. Google Maps is more than just maps. It’s also full of business reviews, photos, tips, open hours and other usual information. Even the traffic data in Google Apps... read more