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Published on January 10th, 2013 | by Judson Moore

Dezmond Meek’s Rat Pack

“Sammy was the original ‘tripple threat’, no one was better than him, no one will probably ever be better than him” … “We have a guy in the show, Dezmond Meeks, and he is, well, he is really close. He can sing, he can dance and he really delivers.”

- Billy Karl, Director

When I moved out to Las Vegas with Dezmond Meeks in 2005 it was because he got a well-paying gig performing as Sammy Davis Jr with this corporate, but touring, Rat Pack Show. I saw the show a few times being performed for some large corporate events but it was always these keynote-type dinner-and-a-show performances in a hotel confernece hall. They were nice performances, live band etc.. but the atmosphere was just blah. While Dezmond has been making huge advances in his own career and music, (see DezmondMeeks.com) he has continued to work with the Rat Pack show off and on for these past 7 years.

Today the show released a documentary about the performenace and it is amazing to see how large the show has grown and the level of talent it has come to include. Check it out!

The film is called “The Making of Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show! A NEW Film Documentary”


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